Petrol & Diesel Remapping

What is a vehicle remap?

Remapping (also known as ECU tuning or chipping) is when the on-board computer settings for a vehicles engine control unit (ECU) are modified to improve various aspects of performance and efficiency. In doing so it can unlock the vehicles true potential and help the vehicle owner customise how the engine operates based on their specific needs.

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How can remapping help?

Our bespoke vehicle remap can help improve performance, power delivery, throttle response and fuel economy based on the clients needs and requirements.

Why is a remap superior to a manufacturers stock map?

  1. Manufacturers programme in cautious safeguards to counteract misuse, neglect or the use of substandard fuels. These limit performance.
  2. Manufacturers artificially restrict performance to ensure their vehicles fit in to specific classes.
  3. Generic vehicle restrictions are added to cater to global markets resulting in limitations e.g a car being driven in the UK will still be mapped to cater to a whole host of other climates, conditions and scenarios hindering overall performance.
  4. Caravan users can unlock extra pulling power from their vehicle which would otherwise lay dormant and unused.
  5. Commuters and long distance drivers remap in order to gain more fuel efficiency for motorway/ city driving/ driving style etc.
  6. Performance enthusiasts can unlock more power and torque whilst tweaking the feel and responsiveness of the engine.
  7. Businesses also look to remaps for fuel efficiency or to encourage specific driving styles amongst their employees (see Fleet Remapping).
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